Dealer NMS New Feature Release

PoC Dealer NMS Dashboard Example 1
Press2Talk Dealer NMS for PoC

New Feature Releases for our Dealer NMS Platform - NMS Ver 3.3.1

Hot on the heels of the release of our new Mobile Patrol, our new Lone Worker Management features, the factory DEV Team have excelled again, keeping the P2T Platform on top as the best in the Industry for Business Critical Voice, Video and Data Communications.

Watch this space for new radio model releases – coming soon

1. Added support for caching of tabs, that is, the data of the previous tab will be cached when switching tabs,      making it faster to do your work and provision new units on your Dealer Network

2. Add advanced function retrieval function: fuzzy filtering can be performed based on information such as remarks, last login time interval, version number, etc. making it easier for dealer to use and to find the information they are looking for

3. Improve the response speed of online statistics and traffic statistics. Faster Loading

4. Add “All Call Alarm ” option for terminal remote configuration. (That is, whether the terminal enters the all-call mode when it alarms)

5. Optimize the form verification function in the customer list. (Make its verification rules adapt to domestic and overseas)

6. Added group terminal relationship configuration function (improve the operability of assigning groups). New MsGrp Page View making it easier to visualise all of your customers, their groups and channels

7. Enriched homepage display content (you can see recent operation logs and user growth trends). Graph based Dashboard providing an overview of your stats

8. Remote control supports repeatable execution control. That is, with P2T Remote Control, a Dealer can remotely control any radio from right within the Dealer NMS User Interface (right on the webpage) allowing you to reboot a particular radio, update its contact list, update its APK automatically and lots lots more

PoC Dealer NMS Terminal View - Press2Talk

Coronavirus Covid19 – No Disruption to Supply Update

Coronavirus COVID19 – No Disruption To Supply Update
Press2Talk supply channels have no disruption to supply for AU Dealers and End Users. We don’t manufacture to order and we don’t place orders on manufacturers when we receive your order. We are a genuine bulk importer and distributor and carry a lot of stock.

Furthermore, our manufacturing partner Kirisun, have reported a return to 90% standard manufacturing capacity over 2 weeks ago. This ensures our continued supply of the LTE/4G/4Gx two way radio PoC Terminals. Kirisun were quick to implement Prevention & Control Measures throughout their offices and factories to help protect their workers and families and to ensure their supply capabilities.

One of their factories worked throughout the night to allow the donation of hundreds of terminals for some of the temporary hospitals that we see on the news.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends and colleagues in China.

Hit up our website for details on our products or connect with us via the usual social channels or give us a call.
It’s business as usual.

4G Individual Dialing from Keypad Mic

How To Instructional Video showing Press2Talk 4G PoC / PTT Users how to make Individual (private, 1 to 1) calls using the M50 and T60/W60 Keypads.

Also included is the

  • Missed Call Notification
  • Missed Call Queue
  • Reviewing Missed Calls
  • Returning Missed Calls

It’s too easy !


PTT Introduction

Our press-to-talk introduction explainer video shows you don’t have to know much in order to use our P2T System.

Can you press a button and release it to listen ? You’re in ! It really IS that easy.

Check out Hernans fun PTT explainer video below or check out our PTT Products page