Compact M50 PTT Mobile

Compact M50 4G/LTE/4Gx PTT Mobile Radio

We have simplified the PTT form factor to make the Compact M50 4G LTE mobile very easy to use.

Recently we have upgraded the M50 to include all AU 4G Cellular Bands to ensure you get the maximum performance and coverage. Other upgrades include Hi Volume speaker and a full Keypad Heavy Duty Microphone. Now with individual (1 to 1 private) calling and supports temporary groups and channels.

If you have used a traditional two way radio or CB, you will be right at home with the Compact M50.

Use with a traditional heavy duty keypad fist mic/curly cord (supplied) or with our bluetooth wireless fist speaker/mic (optional extra).

Just press the button to speak, release to listen, just like on our handportable PTT radios.

Comes with the legally required RCM mark  Press2Talk RCM Mark If the product you are being offered does not have this then it’s probably not legit and you could have it confiscated.

Designed and Engineered for the P2T System with external antenna sockets so that your installation can be customised. No nasty USB dongle hanging out the back, flopping around your dashboard.

Order a Live Demo and try for yourself or check out our handportable PTT radios

Fully compatible with our

  • National PoC Radio System
  • Enterprise Dedicated Stand Alone System
  • Mini OnSite RoIP WiFi System
  • Software Dispatcher
  • Web Based Dispatcher (released soon)
  • All Handportable Product Range
  • Body Worn Camera System

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