Dealer NMS

The Dealer Network Management System (NMS) plugs our Dealers into their clients systems which allows faster support and vastly improved performance.

We go above and beyond the competition by providing browser based access to the Dealer NMS, hooked straight into our server network. This allows a complete view of devices and performance statistics for all of the Dealers customers within a single easy to use interface.

Check out the page on Our Network and why our approach benefits our partners and end users.

Included Features

  1. Billing Records
  2. Online Time
  3. System Logs
  4. Remote Parameter Mods
  5. Remote Reset or Upgrade (OTAP)
  6. View all Customers
  7. Filter by ID/Customer/Group
  8. Remote Channel Programming (OTAP)
  9. Remote Group Reassignment
And the list goes on and on !

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