Drop In Charger

Our hand-portable radios come with 2 USB connector plug-in charging options as standard. This can be useful in emergencies. However we recognise that every commercial radio should have a drop in charger pocket for rapid charging, ease of use and reliability.

All commercial radios have them. So why wouldn’t you demand that your PoC radio is supplied with one. That’s why we include them as part of your standard kit, not as an optional extra.

With the pocket charger you have the following charging options.

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Charging Options

Our Shadow W6x with this pocket provides the user with three charging options

  1. USB socket on rear of battery
  2. USB socket on side of radio
  3. Drop-In pocket charger

How about that for flexibility. Never get caught without a charging option again !

Charge Times

Flat to full charge times are between 3 and 4 hours when used with our USB plug-pack, dependent on environmental conditions such as temperature.