Onsite PTT System

Where an external internet connection is either slow, not available or not desirable, you can choose our Onsite PTT System. Making it ideally suited for underground tunnels or mining, in-building systems or applications requiring local coverage via WiFi. 

Our Onsite PTT System is fully compatible with our radio products, the Compact M50 Mobile and the Shadow W60 and W65 Handportables. In addition, it comes with a built in management platform, putting you in control of your system and its users. Meaning you can deploy new users, set up new channels or simply monitor your system. In addition, you can check IP addresses, online status or last radio login.

Compatible with our Windows Software Dispatcher product, putting you in control of your communications.

If you prefer a high availability managed service, from industry professionals, check out our full PTT Network service today

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Onsite System Key Features

  • One to One Voice Calls – Individual Call
  • One to Many Voice Calls – Group Call
  • System Wide Emergency Alarm
  • Temporary Group Call
  • Software Dispatcher
  • Peer to peer emergency call – operate radio to radio should you have a power failure or your WiFi system develops a fault
  • Text Messaging to radios – text to speech announcement
  • Voice playback
  • Remote stun a lost radio