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Compact Mobile Radio

All the bits you need within a small and practical package!

PTT Shadow Portable Radios

The P2T Shadow portables come in two flavours: With and without screen/keypad. Both are simple to use, just like a conventional two-way radio
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GPS Tracks on PTT Dispatcher

Software GPS and Dispatcher

Easy to install and even easier to use. Provides GPS location of radio network, send and receive text, make calls plus much more
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NMS For Dealers

Network Management System, available to our dealers and partners. Activate and re-assign radios and users. Create or manage call groups as you need.
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APPS for your Smart Devices

Free to download and easy to use. Available for Android and iOS lovers, our P2T apps have many features and even more benefits. Click below for more details:
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P2T APP Features

Onsite PTT System Example Network Layout

OnSite System

Our Mini Onsite RoIP System is perfect for specialist stand-alone applications such as underground tunnels, mining and dedicated in-building systems. Simply purchase and install one of these systems and run your own network over WiFi.
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PTT Gateway from P2T- Rack Mount

Radio System Gateway

Perfect for linking our PTT system to your existing traditional PMR, DMR, P25 Networks
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