PTT Accessories

Choose from our range of quality PTT Accessories all on one page. 

Our Bluetooth accessories give you freedom of movement without the need to touch your radio. Meaning you can keep your mind on the job at hand.

Our desk microphone and footswitch PTT accessories complement our Software Dispatcher perfectly. Therefore if you’re a control station user, check them out now by clicking on the picture below.

Press2Talk carry a full complement of installation and handportable accessories and spare parts. In other words your radios can keep talking for years to come.

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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Mic

Operate remotely from your Shadow W6x, Compact M50 or Android Phone/Tablet. In addition, control the speaker volume locally

Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece

Operate remotely from your Shadow W6x, Compact M50 or Android Phone/Tablet

Dispatcher Desk Microphone

For use with the Software Dispatcher. Our premium Gooseneck Microphone is high quality, flexible and connects via USB or 3.5mm plug

Dispatcher Premium Footswitch PTT

Manufactured in Europe to provide years of trouble free, reliable use. Complete with USB Cable and programmable keyboard mapping

Dispatcher Budget Footswitch PTT

Use with the Software Dispatcher product, with programmable keyboard mapping software and USB cable

P2T - Long shift life rechargeable battery

Shadow W6x Spare Battery Pack

Rear USB charging port, 3600mAh for up to 15 hours use between charges. In addition, compatible with drop-in charger pocket

USB Mains Plugpack Charger

High capacity plugpack. Use to charge the battery by plugging into the radio, directly into the battery or the rear of the drop-in charger pocket

Drop In Charger Pocket for PTT Radios

Drop-In Rapid Charger Pocket

USB rear socket connects to any hi capacity USB plugpack. Drop the radio or battery into the pocket and the LED will tell you when charging is complete

P2T - Long shift life rechargeable battery

Shadow W6x HiCap Spare Battery Pack

High Capacity variant with rear USB charging port, compatible with drop-in charger pocket, 5200mAh for up to 22 hours use between charges

Compact M50 Radio Mounting Cradle

Traditional Mobile Radio U-Cradle meaning safe mounting of our Compact M50 Mobile Radio within the passenger compartment

Compact M50 DC Cable Assembly

Power cable for our industry leading Compact M50 mobile radio. Complete with plugs and pins. Pre-assembled

Compact M50 Microphone

Traditional mobile wired fist microphone. With weatherproof plug and curly cord and side PTT

Compact M50 GPS Antenna

GPS antenna for applications requiring location monitoring. Comes with 3m of cable and an SMA connector. Suits Compact M50 only.

Shadow W6x Belt Clip

Hooked belt clip to keep your Shadow W6x on your belt where it belongs.

Shadow W6x Cellular and GPS Antenna

SMA connector molded into the antenna will provide years of trouble free service.