PTT Dispatcher Software

Web (browser) based or locally installed windows PC based, our software dispatcher products turn your computer or laptop into an advanced 2 way radio, messaging and GPS System. Now you really CAN control your fleet from your office computer. With our web based dispatcher you can use any computer from anywhere in the world, no need to install any software.

Some Key Features

      – Monitor your group call channels.

     – Receive and make calls.

     – Individual (private 1 to 1) calls on the fly. Just point and single click and the call is active.

     – Create temporary work groups (channels) on the fly and assign workers to the group. All remotely.

     – Continuously monitor which radios are online and which are not.

     – Remotely Stun, Kill or Reactivate a radio remotely. No more nuisance callers or lost radio problems.

     – Send SMS messages to a single worker or a group of workers. Received as text-to-speech.

     – Quick groups

     – Voice Recording available. Record both ends of the conversation automatically for playback/download later.

     – GPS Tracking and Mapping with choice of map providers

     – Turn by Turn GPS precision

     – Duress and Emergency Management and Mapping with logging and GPS history

     – Lone Worker Management tools

     – Runlog, showing who called who from where, who logged in and who didn’t

     – GPS Log, lat/long, speed, heading, how often and the usual toys, including historical playback

Our video below shows how easy it is to use our Software PTT Dispatcher.

Fully compatible with our range of two way radios. Check out our products page for details.

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Key Features include system wide emergency alarm, temporary group allocation, text messaging to terminal and text to speech. In other words, we put you in control of your communications and Keep You Talking

GPS Tracks on PTT Dispatcher
GPS Tracks on PTT Dispatcher