PTT Radio Gateway

P2T PTT Gateway / Bridge

Our PTT Gateway and Bridge is used to link your existing PMR/DMR/Analog/Digital radio network to our PoC Network. In Addition, management is provided via a web browser, just to make it easier.

Boasting an array of features and ideally suited as a central part of your radio migration plan

PTT Gateway from P2T- Rack Mount

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Key Features

  • voice interoperability between four channels of any system while supporting four-way group call
  • dynamic reorganisation of up to four temporary talk groups
  • high quality voice without distortion
  • gateway delay/latency is less than 150ms, meaning it’s fast
  • 19″ rack mount, and only 1RU of space required
  • low power 10W power consumption
  • simple web network management via web browser
  • vocoder – G.711,G.729, G.723, G.722, AMR

Supports MPT1327/DMR/DPMR/TETRA/PDT/Private LTE/PoC, digital conventional in addition to analog conventional.

Due for release in Feb 2019. Don’t wait. Contact us now.

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