Shadow T6x Portable

Shadow T6x 4G Range – PTT Handportable Radios

PTT Radio. For applications where a SmartPhone is not suitable we introduce PTT in a traditional two way handportable form factor.

If you have used a traditional two way radio or CB, you will be right at home with the Shadow T6x range.

With a T6x Radio, your staff won’t be wasting time fiddling with APPs as our products are fully locked down.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured specifically for the P2T System, ensuring deep integration with the system software.

Why not check out our IOS and Android APP or our Compact M50 4G PTT Mobile.


Comes in two flavours

T60 – With Screen & Keypad (with private 1 to 1 calls), or

T65 – No Screen or Keypad

Just press the button to speak, release to listen.

Compliance with AU Standards

Comes with the legally required RCM mark    If the radios you are being offered don’t have this mark then they’re probably not legit and you risk having them confiscated.

Not only do our PTT Radios comply, we had them tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that they do.

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