SmartPhone / Tablet APP

The best PTT APP on the market today.

Outstanding battery performance on your iOS or Android device. In recent tests on multiple iPhone 5’s (with 4 year old batteries), the capacity dropped from 100% to 28% in 9 hours of operation. We test our products in real life situations.

The feature set of our PTT APP is outstanding as you can see below

Our PTT APPs are fully compatible with our radio products, the Compact M50 Mobile and the Shadow W60 and W65 Handportables.

Download our iOS PTT APP from Apple

Download the Android APP from the Google Play Store

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iOS Phones and Tablets

Android Phones and Tablets

Our IOs PTT APP just work straight out of the box. Answer your incoming phone calls as normal, our APP will revert back to receiving calls once you’re finished the call.

Keeping you connected !

Like our iOS PTT APP, the Android version keeps you connected to your incoming PTT calls once you finish your phone call. No more buttons to press.
Supports every version of Android after 4.2.

Full Functionality 2 Way Voice

Easily the best PTT APP on the market today.
Simply push the big blue button to speak, release to listen

Create Temporary Groups

For when you need to add an extra channel quickly.
Creating a temporary group on-the-fly has never been easier.

Main Menu Settings

We don't hide your settings we give you full control. Select from available options
- Voice Recordings & Playback
- Map Location & GPS Location
- System Settings Menu Controls
- Bluetooth Settings and Controls

Full Voice Recording Playback

Ever needed to check those last few messages you missed while using the landline ?
Full Control and playback functionality from within the APP !
Listen to single transmissions or all transmissions for the day. Easy !

Select PTT Users in Contact List

Needing to check if someone is online ? Easy !
Need to Check their GPS Location? Easy !
Need to send someone a text message? Easy !
Need to send text to a group of people? Easy !

Send Mass Group Texts

Need to keep your users informed & up to date ?
Select users or groups and then start typing your text.
Sends to all your selected contacts immediately

And there’s more !!

The list of features go on and on !
Our PTT APP is constantly being developed to add more and more of our dealer and end user suggestions and requests. Can our competition offer that ?


Many of these features are included within our Software Dispatcher