Press2Talk PTT and PoC

High performance PTT push to talk Services and Networks, using Australian Servers, Customised Software and Handportable / Mobile / Phone form factor devices.
In other words, Australia Wide Radio radio coverage for business critical applications.

We have over 150 years experience building, delivering and maintaining large communication networks for businesses like yours. This makes us the ideal choice for your PTT Network. Connect with us today to find out how easy it is to keep talking.

Providing ACMA Certified devices only.

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About Press2Talk

What about Press2Talk ? 

Our Engineering team has over 150 years experience building large communications systems for businesses like yours. Our primary goal is to provide best-in-class voice throughout Australia.

Press2Talk products and services are fast and reliable because we host them within Australia.

Press2Talk have a nationwide network of dealers and partners through which we provide multiple levels of support. 

Our dealers and partners are backed by Press2Talk Engineering who are, in turn, backed by the factory Engineers.

Our easy-to-use devices look, feel and operate like a 2 way radio because they were designed that way.

We have direct influence on PTT hardware and software development however, we use your ideas to shape radio communications into the future. If you want to play a part in shaping your communications future then come speak to us or book a Live Demo.

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Our Products

Product Overview

View all of our PTT Products. For accessories check out  our PTT Accessories page.

We Keep You Talking.

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Compact Mobile Radio

All the bits you need within a small and practical package!

PTT Shadow Portable Radios

The P2T Shadow portables come in two flavours: With and without screen/keypad. Both are simple to use, just like a conventional two-way radio
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GPS Tracks on PTT Dispatcher

Software GPS and Dispatcher

Easy to install and even easier to use. Provides GPS location of radio network, send and receive text, make calls plus much more
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NMS For Dealers

Network Management System, available to our dealers and partners. Activate and re-assign radios and users. Create or manage call groups as you need.
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APPS for your Smart Devices

Free to download and easy to use. Available for Android and iOS lovers, our P2T apps have many features and even more benefits. Click below for more details:
Bigger, Better, Faster than the rest
P2T APP Features

Onsite PTT System Example Network Layout

OnSite System

Our Mini Onsite RoIP System is perfect for specialist stand-alone applications such as underground tunnels, mining and dedicated in-building systems. Simply purchase and install one of these systems and run your own network over WiFi.
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PTT Gateway from P2T- Rack Mount

Radio System Gateway

Perfect for linking our PTT system to your existing traditional PMR, DMR, P25 Networks
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Get Connected and Take Control

We want you to take control of your communications without any fuss, by getting connected with Press2Talk PTT today.

It’s as simple as clicking on the link below to get started. Alternatively you can talk to a human if you prefer !

We have a network of experienced dealers and partners nationwide which means we can provide a high level of support. In summary, we do all the hard work for you with no fuss, taking the pain out of migration. For instance, we can plan arrange the demo, project manage your deployment with your Dealer and qualify your system post deployment.

Still not sure about introducing PTT to your business? Then you should watch our video to see all you need to know about a PTT technical overview.

Please connect with us on LinkedIn or on Facebook. Alternatively you can visit our YouTube Channel for all the latest videos and guides.

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